Anne Sexton

who is fairest of us all? And the mirror would reply, You are the fairest of us all. Pride pumped in her like poison, Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs

A Curse Against Elegies
A Story For Rose On The Midnight Flight To Boston
Admonitions To A Special Person
After Auschwitz
Again And Again And Again
All My Pretty Ones
An Obsessive Combination Of Onotological Inscape, Trickery And Love
And One For My Dame
Angels Of The Love Affair
Anna Who Was Mad
As It Was Written
August 8th
August 17th
Baby Picture
Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
Buying The Whore
Christmas Eve
Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women
Consorting With Angels
Cripples And Other Stories
Crossing The Atlantic
'Daddy' Warbucks
Doors, Doors, Doors
Dreaming The Breasts
Elegy In The Classroom
Elizabeth Gone
End, Middle, Beginning
Flee On Your Donkey
For God While Sleeping
For John, Who Begs Me Not To Enquire Further
For Johnny Pole On The Forgotten Beach
For My Lover, Returning To His Wife
For The Year Of The Insane
Going Gone
Her Kind
Hurry Up Please It's Time
I Remember
In Celebration Of My Uterus
In Excelsis
In Memoriam
In The Deep Museum
It Is A Spring Afternoon
Just Once
Killing The Love
Kind Sir: These Woods
Knee Song
Lessons In Hunger
Letter Written On A Ferry While Crossing Long Island Sound
Locked Doors
Love Letter Written In A Burning Building
Menstruation At Forty
More Than Myself
Mother And Daughter
Mr. Mine
Music Swims Back To Me
My Friend, My Friend
Old Dwarf Heart
Portrait Of An Old Woman On The College Tavern Wall
Red Riding Hood
Red Roses
Ringing The Bells
Said The Poet To The Analyst
Small Wire
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
Some Foreign Letters
Song For A Lady
Star-Nosed Mole
Suicide Note
Sylvia's Death
That Day
The Abortion
The Addict
The Ambition Bird
The Angel Food Dogs
The Assassin
The Author Of The Jesus Papers Speaks
The Balance Wheel
The Ballad Of The Lonely Masturbator
The Bells
The Big Boots Of Pain
The Big Heart
The Black Art
The Break
The Break Away
The Breast
The Child Bearers
The Children
The Civil War
The Consecrating Mother
The Dead Heart
The Death Baby
The Death King
The Division Of Parts
The Doctor Of The Heart
The Double Image
The Earth
The Earth Falls Down
The Errand
The Evil Eye
The Evil Seekers
The Exorcists
The Expatriates
The Fallen Angels
The Farmer's Wife
The Firebombers
The Frog Prince
The Fury Of Beautiful Bones
The Fury Of Cooks
The Fury Of Earth
The Fury Of Flowers And Worms
The Fury Of God's Good-Bye
The Fury Of Guitars And Sopranos
he Fury Of Hating Eyes
The Fury Of Jewels And Coal
The Fury Of Overshoes
The Fury Of Rain Storms
The Fury Of Sunrises
The Fury Of Sunsets
The Gold Key
The Hangman
The House
The Interrogation Of The Man Of Many Hearts
The Inventory Of Goodbye
The Kiss
The Kite
The Legend Of The One-Eyed Man
The Lost Ingredient
The Moss Of His Skin
The Nude Swim
The Red Dance
The Road Back
The Room Of My Life
The Starry Night
The Touch
The Truth The Dead Know
The Twelve Dancing Princesses
The Waiting Head
The Wedding Ring Dance
The Wifebeater
The Witch's Life
Unknown Girl In A Maternity Ward
Wanting To Die
What's That
When Man Enters Woman
Where I Live In This Honorable House Of The Laurel Tree
Where It Was At Back Then
With Mercy For The Greedy
Woman With Girdle
You, Doctor Martin

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