Charles Bukowski

there's a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out but I'm too tough for him, I say, stay in there, I'm not going to let anybody see you. -Bluebird, Charles Bukowski

16-bit Intel 8088 Chip
8 Count
A Challenge To The Dark
A Radio With Guts
A Smile To Remember
Alone With Everybody
And The Moon And The Stars And The World
Are Your Drinking?
As The Sparrow
Back To The Machine Gun
Be Kind
Big Night On The Town
Carson McCullers
Cause And Effect
Close To Greatness
Consummation Of Grief
Cows In Art Class
Cut While Shaving
Death Wants More Death
Eat Your Heart Out
Eulogy To A Hell Of A Dame
For Jane
For Jane: With All The Love I Had, Which Was Not Enough
Friends Within The Darkness
Gamblers All
Girl In A Miniskirt Reading The Bible Outside My Window
having the flu and with nothing else to do
Hello, How Are You?
Here I Am
His Wife, The Painter
Hooray Say The Roses
How Is Your Heart?
I Made A Mistake
I Met A Genius
I like your books
I'm In Love
It's Ours
It was just a little while ago
Let It Enfold You
Like A Flower In The Rain
Love & Fame & Death
Magical mystery tour
My Computer
My Father
My First Affair With That Older Woman
My Groupie
My friend, the parking lot attendant
New Mexico
O, We Are The Outcasts
Oh Yes
On Going Back To The Street After Viewing An Art Show
One thirty-six a.m.
Poem For My 43rd Birthday
Prayer In Bad Weather
Pull A String, A Puppet Moves
Question And Answer
Rain Or Shine
Raw With Love
Revolt In The Ranks
Rhyming Poem
Short Order
Show Biz
Small conversation in the afternoon with John Fante
So Now?
Some People
Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks, And You
Sway With Me
The Aliens
The Blackbirds are Rough Today
The Crunch
The Genius Of The Crowd
The German Hotel
The Great Slob
The History Of One Tough Motherfucker
The House
The Icecream People
The Lucky Ones
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
The Sun Weilds Mercy
The Worst And The Best
These Things
Three Oranges
To The Whore Who Took My Poems
True Story
What A Writer
What Can We? Do
Whats The Use Of A Title?
Working Out
Yes Yes
Young in New Orleans

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