Adam Lindsay Gordon

Then skies were fairer and shores were firmer The blue sea over the bright sand roll'd; Babble and prattle, and ripple and murmur, Sheen of silver and glamour of gold And the sunset bath'd in the gulf to lend her A garland of pinks and of purples tender, A tinge of the sun-god's rosy splendour, A tithe of his glories manifold, The Swimmer

A Basket of Flowers
A Dedication
A Fragment
A Hunting Song
A Legend of Madrid
A Song of Autumn
An Exile's Farewell
Ars Longa
Borrow'd Plumes
Cui Bono
De Te
Doubtful Dreams
"Early Adieux"
Fragmentary Scenes from the Road to Avernus
From Lightning and Tempest
From the Wreck
Hippodromania or Whiffs from the Pipe
How We Beat The Favourite
No Name
Podas Okus
Quare Fatigasti
Rippling Water
Sunlight On The Sea
The Last Leap
"The Old Leaven"
The Rhyme of Joyous Garde
The Roll of the Kettledrum
The Romance of Britomarte
The Sick Stockrider
The Song of Autumn
The Song of the Surf
The Swimmer
The Three Friends
Thick-headed Thoughts
Thora's Song "Ashtaroth"
To A Proud Beauty
To My Sister
Whispering in Wattle-Boughs
Wolf and Hound
Wormwood and Nightshade
Ye Wearie Wayfarer

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